Selenipedium Observations
I have been fascinated by this obscure genus of ladyslippers for nearly 40 years. I am please to report some observations based on a plant acquired as a seedling and grown to bloom in Baltimore, Maryland. I say observations because I cannot claim to be an expert. I always find irritating those writers who offer advice based on speculation. I hope that I am able to clearly differentiate between observations and speculations in these pages. I ardently seek word from others who have grown members of this genus. At this time (November 2003), I am concentrating on propagating this specimen. I will be glad to make specific observation and documentation for the botanically inclined, but no further dissection at this point. I have no propagations available. If I am successul in propagating the species, seedlings will be offered first to responsible parties who can further propagate the species, then to other interested growers.
Selenipedium Observations Selenipedium Culture Selenipedium Floral Details
  Dorsal Sepal  
Pouch Right petal
  ventral sepal  
Selenipedium parts open lip
Selenipedium staminode staminode from the side
Selenipedium close up Inside the pouch
Selenipedium stem

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